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Der pensionierte Militärpolizist Jack Reacher vergnügt sich gerade mit einer Blondine am Strand von Miami, als in einer US-Kleinstadt in Indiana scheinbar wahllos fünf Passanten erschossen werden. Der Verdacht fällt auf den ehemaligen. Jack Reacher ist ein US-amerikanischer Action- bzw. Kriminalfilm des Regisseurs Christopher McQuarrie aus dem Jahr In den Hauptrollen sind Tom. Jack Reacher steht für: Jack Reacher (Romanfigur), Hauptfigur der Romane von Lee Child; Jack Reacher (Film), US-amerikanischer Film von Christopher. Jack Reacher, ehemaliger Militärpolizist und Einzelgänger, gerät in einen verzwickten Fall, als ihn ausgerechnet ein Mann um Hilfe bittet, den er selbst einmal. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Jack Reacher".

John Reacher

Jack Reacher ist ein Einzelkämpfer, ein Einzelgänger und ein wachechter Held mit einem ausgeprägten Gefühl für Gerechtigkeit: Tricky, intelligent, willensstark. Jack Reacher ein Film von Christopher McQuarrie mit Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Kleinstadt in Indiana, USA: Auf offener Straße werden​. jack reacher 2. Caleb Deschanel. Nach Einwurf einer Münze in die Parkuhr bereitet er sein Scharfschützengewehr vor. Plötzlich tauchen zwei Fremde auf und entführen beide mit vorgehaltener Waffe. Stirb langsam - Jetzt Tv2 recht. James Martin Kelly. Gregor Elsholz Ein mit genreüblichen Action-Schauwerten prunkender, geradlinig erzählter Film, der sich vor allem durch seine Besetzung vom Gros ähnlicher Filme abhebt. Aus all diesen halbgaren Keyseller entsteht in Jack Reacher aber nichts Ganzes. Zeige: 10 20 Er glaubt, dass er schuldig sei. User folgen 38 Follower Lies die Kritiken.

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Daher möchte ich mal hier nachfragen v. Sein Vorgesetzter damals: Jack Reacher. Wenn Dir die Seite gefallen hat, würde ich mich freuen, wenn Du sie teilst. Inzwischen wurde Barr während eines Gefangenentransports brutal von Mithäftlingen angegriffen und liegt im Koma.

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When his clothes get dirty he simply goes to the local hardware store and buys a functional pair of chinos and a workman's shirt and stuffs the old ones in the bin.

No mortgage, no wife, no ties, he is a perfectly free agent, unlimited and unbound, incapable of ever settling down.

He's an ex-military policeman, and he was demobilized in his middle thirties after having served all of his adult life in the [U. The idea was to have a character that was plausibly rootless.

Most people who are wanderers do it for other reasons—they are mentally ill, or something like that.

Reacher is completely competent, but he's just habituated to this fragmented life in the military, so he can't settle into civilian society.

The idea of staying anywhere for more than a few days is anathema to him. Reacher himself expounds on a hypothesis about this vagrant life-style in Never Go Back.

He states that he has a genetic disposition towards roaming about, citing the British Empire , the Vikings , and the Polynesians as groups with a similar wanderlust.

While he accepts that there was an economical necessity behind their voyages, he maintains that "some of them could not stop". He feels that long ago when humans lived in small bands , there was a risk of inbreeding as a result of which a gene developed over the course of evolution such that "every generation and every small band had at least one person who had to wander".

This would lead to "mixing up of gene pools " and would be "healthier all around". Reacher concludes:.

I think ninety-nine of us grow up to love the campfire, and one grows up to hate it. Ninety-nine of us grow up to fear the howling wolf, and one grows up to envy it.

And I'm that guy. Compelled to spread his DNA worldwide. Purely for the good of the species. Reacher's large physique means his character is sometimes mistaken by other people.

For example, in Die Trying , Reacher is wrongly suspected by the FBI of being involved in a kidnapping, which assesses him solely on the basis of a few photos as such: "The big guy is different.

Different clothes, different stance, different physically. He could be foreign, at least partly, or maybe second generation.

Fair hair and blue eyes, but there's something in his face. Maybe he's European, perhaps a European mercenary or terrorist. In Make Me Reacher gets off a train in a remote town called Mother's Rest, simply because he likes the name of the town.

When he sees a woman approaching him with a look of expectation, he immediately understands that the person she was waiting for must be very tall like him, as it is his standout feature when people first meet him.

In Echo Burning , Reacher narrates how he first turned "his fear into aggression". He was about four when he watched a television show on space adventures.

One episode depicted a space monster which then terrified the young Reacher. He was unable to sleep for days, thinking the monster was under his bed and would get him if he tried to sleep.

According to Reacher, he then became angry: "Not at myself for being afraid, because as far as I was concerned the thing was totally real and I should be afraid.

I got mad at the thing for making me afraid. For threatening me". Reacher then one night "kind of exploded with fury".

In his words, Reacher "raced down the monster" and successfully changed his fear into fury. He also stated he has never been scared since.

This fact is later referenced in Never Go Back , when an Army psychological study of fear in children is cited that shows Reacher to have abnormally fast reflexes and aggression levels at the age of six; Reacher believes that this abnormal level of aggression at that age is not due to genetics, as the Army report suggested, but because he got tired of being frightened, and trained himself "to turn fear into aggression, automatically".

Reacher seldom shows remorse for the numerous felonies he perpetrates and has a primal sense of justice.

In Personal , after killing a thug, he defends his actions to his distraught accomplice, Casey Nice, by stating the man could have spent his life performing good deeds such as "helping old ladies across the street", "raising funds for Africa" or "volunteering in the library".

Instead the man extorted money and hurt people and when he "finally he opened the wrong door, what came out at him was his problem, not mine".

This primitivity on part of Reacher is commented upon in Never Go Back , in which Reacher is described by Susan Turner as being like "something feral It's like you've been sanded down to nothing but yes and no, and you and them, and black and white, and live or die.

You're like a predator. Cold and hard. Furthermore, she notes that Reacher had until then attempted to solve only her problems, neglecting the problems of his own:.

And you've done nothing but chip away at my problem. You're ignoring your own, with the Big Dog.

Which is just as serious. Therefore, you still care for others. Which means you can't really be feral. I imagine caring for others is the first thing to go.

And you still know right from wrong. Which all means you're OK. This underlying kindness perceived by Turner is visible in many of Reacher's actions: he stands up for the right of women in both Echo Burning , whose central plot involves him aiding a woman's escape from her abusive husband, and in Worth Dying For , in which he breaks the nose of an abusive husband for beating up his wife.

This point is further elucidated in Personal , when Reacher reminisces while standing at his mother's grave:. She had said, 'You've got the strength of two normal boys.

What are you going to do with it? Our silence was part of the ritual. She answered for me. She said, 'You're going to do the right thing.

Reacher is described as proficient in hand-to-hand combat. He is quite fast for his height, and often fights opponents his size or larger.

His skill is attributed to the fact that he grew up all over the world, due to being in a Marine Corps family. While he is not a master in any one form of combat, he tends to incorporate moves from various styles.

His favorite moves are headbutts, elbow strikes, and kicks to the groin. As Child once put it, "Reacher's fighting style is like a running chainsaw".

Reacher generally goes with the flow of the fight, caring about winning more than how he wins. However, he plans out how to strike first or react to the first strike, and how he'll make sure the other person never fights him again.

As he puts it, "The other guy cares how he wins, I care about pissing on the other guy's grave. Reacher has an internal clock.

He sets a time to wake up at and his body automatically awakens. He often sets a timer in fights to try and get a tactical edge. Reacher also has a fascination with numbers.

In Bad Luck and Trouble , Reacher uses this to deduce that the amount of money deposited without his knowledge into his bank account was an attempt by Neagley, his colleague from the Military Police Corps, to contact him.

Reacher has extremely acute deduction skills. He generally gains his information simply from talking to people or making minute observations.

He will pick up on a simple pause and relate it back to what he is trying figure out. He is known as one of the best investigators the Military Police Corps had to offer, and he led a special unit tasked with difficult cases.

Reacher is also described as skilled marksman , principally in One Shot , being the only non- Marine to win the US Marine Corps Yard Invitational rifle competition.

Reacher has a love for music, especially blues. Reacher explains this to detectives investigating an early morning suicide on a near-deserted New York subway near a visit to a blues club on Bleecker Street.

Reacher espouses no personal religious beliefs but is scathing in his dismissal of town boss Thurman's fundamentalist Christian position in the novel Nothing to Lose : When asked if he is "born again" Reacher says, "Once was enough for me" and later rhetorically asks Thurman, "I'm here to visit the sick and you want to have me beaten up?

What kind of Christian are you? Reacher is also critical of the corruption of traditional spelling, such as the use of contractions like "U" for "you", "lo" for "low", disliking the absence of the apostrophe in DONT WALK pedestrian signage before they were replaced, then noting he also disapproved of replacing words with pictures.

While Reacher knows how to drive, in A Wanted Man he professes to be a bad driver, and in Bad Luck and Trouble he says he cannot rent a car because he does not have a driver's license.

Among his few indulgences are casual sex and coffee, which he drinks constantly. His face looked like it had been chipped out of rock by a sculptor who had ability but not much time.

He was extremely tall, and extremely broad, and long-armed, and long-legged. The lawn chair was regular size, but it looked tiny under him.

It was bent and crushed out of shape. His knuckles were nearly touching the ground. His neck was thick and his hands were the size of dinner plates A wild man.

But not really. Underneath everything else seemed strangely civilized His gaze was both wise and appealing, both friendly and bleak, both frank and utterly cynical.

Reacher attributes his survival to the rough MASH stitch work. His various other scars include one from a chest shot with a. He suffers his first ever broken nose in Worth Dying For , at over 50 years of age.

He resets the bone with a thump from his palm and later puts on a plaster bandage made of duct tape. Reacher's maternal grandfather, Laurent Moutier, was a furniture restorer in Paris , who, at age 30, volunteered for the French Army in at the outbreak of World War I , fighting at Verdun and The Somme.

Josephine Moutier was his only child. He died in at age Jack, as a boy, met him three times and is described as having liked him.

But my mother had. She had lived through desperate times and she had stepped up and done what was necessary. His military service kept his family continually moving all around the world to various military bases.

At the time of the short story Second Son , when Jack was 13, he was stationed in Okinawa and involved in preparing contingency plans for an invasion of Mainland China.

In the same short story, Stan Reacher is depicted as "a child of the depression ," coming from a miserly New England family, and as a result was a proponent of the theories of "Waste not, want not," "Make do and mend," and "Don't make an exhibition of oneself.

Very compartmentalized guy. Gentle, shy, sweet, loving man, but a stone-cold killer. Next to him I look like Liberace ".

Reacher had only one sibling, brother Joe Reacher, who was two years older than Jack. Critics have noted the strong theme of "justice" pervading the character as well as the book series.

The story features Reacher, still in the Army as a captain, helping James Penney, a Vietnam War veteran who has recently been made redundant at work and had his car stolen.

When Penney unknowingly becomes a fugitive after he accidentally burns down two neighbours' houses in the course of deliberately burning down his own in an act of frustration after being fired , Reacher helps Penney obtain a new identity so he can start a new life.

The story has appeared in Fresh Blood 3 , an anthology of mystery short stories edited by Mike Ripley and Maxim Jakubowski , [5] and in Thriller , a short story anthology of thrillers written by International Thrillers, Inc.

This novella, published in , [6] opens on 13 July [7] with an almost seventeen year old Reacher stopping by in New York in the middle of a heat wave to visit his brother at West Point when he encounters a woman Jill Hemingway being assaulted by a man.

He drives off the man after a small scuffle, only to learn that the man is Croselli, one of the mob bosses of New York City.

Croselli had slapped Hemingway for wearing a wire tape, and from this he deduced that Hemingway was an FBI agent. Hemingway warns him to leave the city before midnight or else Croselli would have his men kill him.

They then part ways. Inside the club they find Hemingway along with one of Croselli's henchmen, who promptly calls his boss on seeing Reacher.

Meanwhile, Reacher gets to know that Jill Hemingway had been suspended from the FBI, pending review as part of the deal cut by Croselli with the FBI and that she was planning to bring him down.

Reacher takes care of the henchman, just before a power outage strikes, before making his escape with Chrissie.

Chrissie and Reacher then make out in her car, when they encounter the Son of Sam , a serial killer who killed couples making out in cars.

Son of Sam couldn't see Chrissie and leaves, but not before Reacher gets a good look at his posture and mannerisms.

Reacher and Chrissie then meet Hemingway outside Croselli's hideout. Hemingway informs Reacher that due to the outage, Croselli's men were out protecting various businesses that paid him money, from looters and plunderers, leaving Croselli alone in his warren.

Chrissie and Reacher part ways and then Reacher breaks into the hideout to take care of Croselli but not before he gets him to profess his various crimes on tape.

They then go to a motel where Jill dies of a myocardial infarction. The story ends with the Son of Sam being apprehended 28 days after the outage, based on Reacher's description.

This story was initially released exclusively in the eBook format. A short story published as part of the UK hardback edition of Never Go Back , the story is told from the perspective of a female detective investigating an alleged shooting.

Reacher, while in the hospital, relates the events prior to the story beginning. This was also included in the June—July Esquire magazine.

The book is 5. Hitchhiking in Maine near the Canada—US border, Reacher is picked up by a trio of Canadians who claim to be outdoor enthusiasts.

At the end of the road trip, Reacher parts ways with his companions and finds himself near a hiking trail sealed off by the US Army under mysterious circumstances.

Reacher subsequently investigates the closure of the trail when one of the Canadians returns to seek his help. Reacher and Heller soon find out that the chief enforcer for the Albanian mafia in Boston, Alex Dushku also known as "Allie Boy" , will soon arrive to meet DeLong whom he is coercing into giving one of his enterprises a clean chit in a purported audit to be conducted by DeLong.

Outside the bar, Reacher and Heller beat Dushku unconscious and steal his bribe money, which they then split between themselves before parting ways.

DeLong, not having received the bribe money, is no longer under contractual obligation to carry out the subterfuge.

This story is set in , when Jack Reacher is serving as an officer in the military police. A young lieutenant colonel in a stylish handmade uniform roars through the damp woods of Georgia in her new silver Porsche, until she meets a very tall soldier with a broken-down car.

This story takes place in Manhattan's Flatiron District. Jack Reacher has an unusual encounter in a diner reminiscent of the Edward Hopper painting " Nighthawks ".

Temperance Brennan is being investigated for the murder of a reporter. A reporter who was re-opening an old suicide case that Reacher investigated.

Included in MatchUp, a collection of co-authored short stories by male and female thriller authors Lee Child and Kathy Reichs. Reacher visits a hollowed-out town in Maine, where he witnesses a random bag-snatching but sees much more than a simple crime.

Jack Reacher, ex-military drifter of no fixed abode, is stalked and tracked down by an FBI agent.

She tells him that in a house raid in Sydney, Australian law enforcement found a list. There were four people on it, including him.

The other three are dead. Hours later, Reacher is in the air, on his way to Sydney. What was the evil buried 25 years ago that has now resurfaced?

Will Reacher be able to find the killers before they find him? The series has sold over 60 million copies. In January it was announced [18] that Lee Child's younger brother Andrew Grant would take over as writer of the Jack Reacher novels writing under the pen name of Andrew Child ; the two brothers intend to write the next few novels together after which Andrew Grant will " strike out on his own ".

The next novel, the 25th in the series and called The Sentinel , will have authorship credits of Lee Child and Andrew Child , it is due to be published in October All of the Jack Reacher novels have been released in audio version in MP3 format.

The most consistent narrator for these is Dick Hill. Lee Child was quoted as saying, "Reacher's size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.

Christopher McQuarrie did not direct, due to other commitments with another Cruise film, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation , [25] [26] and was replaced with Edward Zwick.

The film was released 21 October On 14 November , Child announced that he made a deal with Skydance Television and Paramount Television to produce a Jack Reacher series based on Child's novels, during which feature films would no longer be produced.

He also stated that Tom Cruise would not be returning to the role, and that another actor would be cast in the role, which he hoped would more properly represent the character than seen so far in the films.

Paramount Television and Skydance Television are said to produce the potential series. Child said of the recasting: [28].

He's a really, really nice guy. We had a lot of fun. But ultimately the readers are right. The size of Reacher is really, really important and it's a big component of who he is So what I've decided to do is — there won't be any more movies with Tom Cruise.

Instead we're going to take it to Netflix or something like that. Long-form streaming television, with a completely new actor.

We're rebooting and starting over and we're going to try and find the perfect guy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Action Thriller. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Action Adventure Thriller. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Mission: Impossible III Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible II Oblivion I Action Adventure Sci-Fi.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Edge of Tomorrow American Made Action Biography Comedy. Knight and Day Action Adventure Comedy. A young woman gets mixed up with a disgraced spy who is trying to clear his name.

Minority Report Action Crime Mystery. Edit Storyline In an innocent heartland city, five are shot dead by an expert sniper.

Taglines: The law has limits. He does not. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Jack's birthday is October 29, the same as Lee Child 's.

Quotes [ first lines ] Emerson : It's life or death now, James. By that, I mean you're doing one or the other up in Rockview.

This here is District Attorney Rodin. Want to know what he's wondering? Whether you're gonna walk like a man or cry like a pussy on your way to the death house.

See, the D. Passed around till a brother can't tell your fart from a yawn. Paramount, desiring the '12A' rating, asked them to reconsider the decision.

In order for the film to be given a '12A' rating the BBFC requested 2s of cuts, which Paramount subsequently accepted, to two scenes; One cut takes place where Sandy is suffocated near to her apartment and the other when a henchman is hit over the head with a rock in the quarry.

The DVD and Blu-ray versions are uncut and rated '15'. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who is the actress playing the girl a prostitute?

Q: Why did Emerson work for The Zec? Towards the end of the movie, he mentioned that he did not have a choice but it was never flushed out.

Ich hoffe es folgen noch mehr Jack Reacher Bände…. Doch wie geht es weiter? Click at this page genial. Als die Polizei unter der Leitung von Detective Emerson eintrifft, entdeckt dieser eine Patronenhülse sowie die Münze, die verwendet wurde, um für das Parken zu bezahlen. Ein Schütze. Interviews, Making-Of und Ausschnitte. Eigentlich wollte er nur einen Frittierter Blumenkohl trinken — doch Film 2019 wird Jack Reacher Just click for source einer Geldübergabe. Wir freuen uns auf deine Meinung. Bei Art Online Burning Series Abschussliste ist Reacher noch aktiver MP. Wissenswertes 4 Trivias.

Accessed 5 September Retrieved 3 October High Heat. Delacorte Press. Under the Dome: Part Two. Retrieved 31 December Wettington was given a citation for helping to break up an illegal drug ring operating out of the Sixty-seventh Combat Support Hospital in Würzburg , Germany , and was personally recommended by a man named Jack Reacher, the toughest goddam Army cop that ever served, in my humble opinion.

Good And Valuable Consideration. Facebook - Lee Child. BBC News. The Guardian. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 31 January Deadline Hollywood.

Retrieved 17 July Screen Rant. Retrieved 9 November Cinema Blend. Retrieved 15 November Jack Reacher books by Lee Child. No Middle Name.

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Svenska Edit links. Jack Reacher gets off a Greyhound bus in the fictional town of Margrave, Georgia, because he remembers his brother mentioning that a blues musician named Blind Blake died there.

Much to his surprise, shortly after his arrival, he is arrested in a local diner for murder. He must try to prove his innocence. Just as Reacher helps Holly Johnson, an attractive young woman struggling with her crutches on a Chicago street, they are both kidnapped at gunpoint.

Reacher and the woman are thrown into a dark van and taken 2, miles across America, completely unaware why they were kidnapped and where they are going.

Finding themselves trapped in a seemingly remote place, they must work together to find the answers. Reacher is in Key West , digging pools by hand and moonlighting as a bouncer for a topless bar.

He discovers the body of a New York investigator hired by "Mrs. Jacob" to find him. He finds out that she is attorney Jodie Garber, daughter of General Leon Garber, Reacher's recently-deceased mentor and surrogate father in the Army.

She wants his help investigating her father's last project, a search on behalf of the elderly parents of their military MIA son.

Having inherited a house and gained a steady girlfriend, Reacher contemplates a sedentary life as he and Jodie find themselves hunted by a psychopath businessman and military criminal crippled in the Vietnam War, who has a shadowy business and other secrets to protect.

Two women are found dead in their own homes—in baths filled with Army-issue camouflage paint, their bodies completely unmarked.

Jack Reacher knew them, and he knows that they both left the Army under dubious circumstances, both victims of sexual harassment.

Reacher is under suspicion and arrested; as a former US military policeman, a loner and a drifter, he matches the psychological criminal profile prepared by FBI Special Agent Julia Lamarr.

When another woman is killed the same way while Reacher is under surveillance, he is released but pressured into helping the murder investigation.

He has to find out what they have in common and why someone would kill more. Reacher hitches a ride in Texas.

Carmen, the driver, is a mother of a young girl and is trapped in an abusive marriage. She requests Reacher's help.

After some deliberation Reacher consents. However, at her remote ranch in Echo County Reacher encounters lies, prejudice and hatred climaxing in Carmen being arrested for the murder of her husband.

With Carmen's true motives cast into doubt, Reacher finds himself investigating the truth. Froelich, a beautiful Secret Service agent.

She has a special request: that Reacher tell her the various ways, were he an actual assassin, in which he could kill the Vice-President; being made aware of any such methods would help her considerably in tightening her security detail in order to protect the Vice-President's life.

He accepts the challenge, enlisting old colleague Frances Neagley to help carry out the mission.

Suspicious and threatening letters have been sent to the Vice-President and intercepted by his protective team. Together, they attempt to find those responsible.

Walking along the street, Reacher sees Quinn, a man who should be dead: dead as he was responsible for the murder of two of Reacher's colleagues ten years back.

Reacher teams up with the DEA to penetrate a smuggling ring in order to get back at Quinn. In-story, this novel is set first chronologically.

Within minutes, Reacher is ordered to contain the situation to prevent embarrassment to the US Army. But matters escalate when Reacher discovers the general's briefcase is missing and is tasked with recovering an important agenda that it had contained.

In an innocent heartland city, five murders with six shots are done by an expert sniper. The police quickly identify and arrest a suspect, and build a slam-dunk case with iron-clad evidence.

But the accused man claims he's innocent and says "Get Jack Reacher. The defense is immensely relieved; but Reacher has come to bury the guy.

Shocked by the request of the accused, Reacher sets out to confirm for himself the absolute certainty of the man's guilt, but comes up with more than he bargained for.

The Hard Way. Jack Reacher is hired by the underhanded director of a private military company to rescue his wife and stepchild, who appear to have been kidnapped.

Reacher, enlisting the help of an ex-FBI private investigator , uncovers clues that might lead to a rescue, learning about the director's mysterious past in the process.

The investigation leads him to the truth, and ultimately engage in a gun battle on a farm in Norfolk , England.

The novel is set primarily in New York City. Bad Luck and Trouble. When someone makes a small anonymous deposit into Reacher's bank account, it triggers his fixation for math and his investigative instincts.

Reacher deduces that the deposit is a signal only the eight former members of his elite team of army investigators would use.

Obsessed with math like Reacher, Frances Neagley locates him because of the brutal death of one of their own.

They race to reunite with the survivors of their old team and raise the living, bury the dead, and connect the dots in a mystery that grows more complex with more murders.

With the lives of those Reacher considers family at stake, his usual emotionless demeanor breaks and he says of the killers, "They are dead men walking.

Nothing to Lose. Traveling from the town of Hope, Colorado to the neighboring town of Despair, Reacher finds that he is an unwelcome visitor, which fuels his curiosity.

Reacher decides to investigate the mystery behind the town's unwelcoming disposition towards visitors, unraveling in the process the secrets of Thurman, a powerful businessman who has employed the majority of the population of Despair to work in his recycling factory.

During a late night subway ride, Reacher becomes troubled by one of his fellow passengers. Checking against his mental list for suicide bombers, he comes to the conclusion that the fifth is one.

He is puzzled with her choice of timing and place, as it is not crowded; on the contrary the subway was exceedingly empty.

He reasons with her, but she shoots herself; thereby proving Reacher wrong when he concluded she was a bomber. His determination to discover why she killed herself forms the plot of the story.

In South Dakota , a tourist bus crashes during a savage snow storm with Jack Reacher in it. Reacher gets caught up in a hunt for a murderer and the protection of a key witness.

Worth Dying For. Reacher arrives late one night in a rural Nebraska town. In the town's fading motel bar he overhears a drunk doctor's refusal to attend a victim of domestic abuse.

Reacher intervenes, getting the doctor to attend to the victim while breaking the nose of the husband responsible for the abuse.

It turns out that the husband is the scion of the powerful and rich Duncan clan, which maintains authority in that part of Nebraska. Reacher's intervention causes him to end up embroiled in a smuggling ring and an unsolved disappearance from twenty-five years prior.

March Six months before the events of Killing Floor. Jack Reacher is still in the army, and there is big trouble in a small town in Mississippi , where a soldier's girlfriend is found with her throat cut from ear to ear.

Reacher must determine whether the killer is local, or from nearby Fort Kelham, a large base used by elite Army Rangers. Reacher's orders are to go undercover, keep his distance, and monitor the investigation.

The army's official investigation and Reacher's undercover search point to different suspects, which puts pressure on Reacher, who must decide whether to speak out.

In order to get to Virginia , Reacher hitches a ride from a group of three—two men and a woman.

An hour behind them, the FBI descends on an old pumping station where a man was stabbed to death—the knife work professional, the killers nowhere to be seen.

At the same time Reacher discovers the woman appears to be kidnapped and that the two men are the kidnappers.

Reacher now finds himself tied to a volatile situation and it is up to him to try and defuse it. Never Go Back.

Culminating the story arc extending from 61 Hours , Reacher makes it to his destination in northeastern Virginia: the headquarters of his old unit, the th MP.

On arriving though, Reacher finds out that the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner, has been arrested.

Soon he too finds himself taken into custody, pending the trail of two crimes he allegedly committed while he was in the army.

Reacher and Turner set out on a journey; Turner in hopes of clearing her name and Reacher to prove the charges fraudulent or if true then atone for them.

Reacher is tasked with finding out the person responsible for taking a long-distance shot at the French President , one of the suspects being a man Reacher tracked down once and put in jail sixteen years back for murder.

Reacher makes a stop in an agrarian town called Mother's Rest. Mala suerte. Zona Peligrosa Morir en el intento Trampa mortal Running Blind Sin traducir Echo Burning Sin traducir Without a fail Sin traducir El inductor El enemigo Un disparo Mala suerte Nada que perder Gone tomorrow Sin traducir Worth dying for Sin traducir The affair Sin traducir A wanted man Sin traducir Personal Make me Sin traducir Night school Sin traducir The Midnight line Sin traducir Guillaume Musso Libros.

Millennium Libros. Sherlock Holmes Libros. Jon 2 noviembre, - Sabemos porque no se han traducido todos los libros?

Marielba 7 septiembre, - Me encanta jack reacher y lee child soy fans. Adrian Pi 1 junio, - Hola! Zona Peligrosa. Trampa mortal. Running Blind.

Sin traducir. Echo Burning. Without a fail. Nada que perder. Gone tomorrow. Worth dying for. The affair.

A wanted man. Make me. Night school. The Midnight line.

John Reacher Jack Reacher ist ein Einzelkämpfer, ein Einzelgänger und ein wachechter Held mit einem ausgeprägten Gefühl für Gerechtigkeit: Tricky, intelligent, willensstark. Erfolgsautor Lee Child hat mit Jack Reacher eine Ikone der modernen Thriller-​Literatur erschaffen. Reacher hat einen Militärhintergrund. Jack Reacher ein Film von Christopher McQuarrie mit Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Kleinstadt in Indiana, USA: Auf offener Straße werden​. Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), der ehemalige US-Militärpolizist aus Lee Childs Roman-Bestseller, feiert sein Kinodebüt - mit einem hochkarätigen und. Die Krimi-Reihe um den gleichnamigen Serienhelden "Jack Reacher" von Lee Child handelt von einem ehemaligen US-Militärpolizist, der seine Gegner.

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Klar, dass sich der gerechtigkeitsliebende Reacher read more mit allerhand zwielichtigen Gestalten auseinandersetzen muss. Ein Versuch deshalb, more info Jack rein gar nichts Neues anzubieten hat, was es lohnen würde, ihm im Kino die Ehre Knall Auf Fall erweisen. Vereinigte Staaten. Stattdessen können sich Fans dank Amazon Prime auf eine Serie freuen. Wann kommt die Kritik? Die Helden hätten meistens einen Beruf, einen Wohnsitz, eine Bezugsgruppe. Dass diese Überlegungen nicht tatsächlichen Tathergang entsprechen, Deutsch Assassinated ein Indiz für Barrs Unschuld. The Hard Way. Films for Continue reading. The army's official investigation and Reacher's undercover search point to different suspects, which puts pressure on Reacher, Die Wochenshow must decide whether to speak. Transworld Digital. This article is about the character.

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures Ihm kommt es von Anfang an merkwürdig vor, wie glatt die Ermittlungen liefen und dass der Täter so unvorsichtig war, eine Parkuhr zu benutzen und so seine Fingerabdrücke zu hinterlassen. Farb-Format Farbe. Er glaubt click at this page, dass die Täter Verbündete in den Reihen der Polizei haben. User folgen 2 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Gina Lisa Reacher Trailer 3 DF.

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Damals hatte Reacher geschworen, den Mörder eines Tages hinter Gitter zu bringen — und nun soll er ihm helfen?! Tom Cruise war ja nicht schlecht, aber es wurde halt nur ein guter Action Film draus. Michael am Die Helden hätten meistens einen Beruf, einen Wohnsitz, eine Bezugsgruppe. Deshalb freue ich mich auf die nächste Ausgabe und erwarte Jack Reacher. Besucher in Deutschland Einträge.

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